Self Hypnosis and Autosuggestion

Hypnosis is actually a mental state or a set of attitudes and beliefs. When you induce a certain state of mind through pre-recorded audio and other media, you are doing self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is done in the absence of a hypnotist, but in the presence of conditions suitable to inducing the mental state of hypnosis to one’s self.Autosuggestion is closely related to hypnosis. Autosuggestion is a process in which the unconscious part of the mind is trained or programmed to do or believe a specific thing. This is often done using hypnosis.A lot of people undergo through self hypnosis because of the benefits that can be derived by hypnotism. First and foremost, hypnosis can remove or change behaviors. Most people who want to change their attitude and behavior in a faster manner use self hypnosis. Usually hypnosis is used to stop bad attitudes and habits like smoking and drinking. Many may not agree to this method, but a number of people have actually quit smoking and drinking with self hypnosis.Another benefit of self hypnosis is implanting positive beliefs. There are a lot of positive beliefs that can be implanted into your subconscious using self hypnosis. These can be most beneficial to people who have negative views in life.Correspondingly, negative beliefs and traits can also be removed with self hypnosis. Whether you admit it or not, you hide certain concepts and biases in your minds. Unknowingly these biases are actually holding you from moving forward; thus getting rid of these can be very advantageous.Self hypnosis is also effective in removing stress fast. Hypnosis is referred to by some people as the most relaxed state of being; thus removing any stress that is present in your mind and body. Unlike other stress relieving methods, self hypnosis does not cost so much, and you can actually do this any time that you like and frequently as you like.Another benefit is for the relief of pain. Self hypnosis has been used a number of times for the relief of pain. In most cases, the state of mind is conditioned not to feel the pain, or to have a higher resistance to pain.Finally, self hypnosis is also used in weight loss or weight gain. This is one of the safest methods in losing or gaining weight. This basically follows the concept of mind over matter. If you are placed in a state of mind which focuses on weight loss, you will definitely pattern your activities after this state of mind.Thus, self hypnosis contributes to the well being of a person. According to some people, hypnosis is a way of putting your physical self in relaxation, and not a form of unconsciousness. While hypnosis should be used for noble objectives only, there are some people who abuse the power of hypnosis instead. As such, it is important for you to understand the purpose of self hypnosis before deciding to go through it.

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